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7/11/20- Mind over Matter

This week, I had a discussion with a unique individual who explained to me the "magic" of words.

As I am a great believer of "calling" or "speaking" things into existence, I had never actually thought of this as being magic. The ability to create, communicate and/or extract an emotion or thought out of another simply by writing, speaking, or hearing words and or symbols is indeed a sort of magic when I actually think about it.

This Trilingual individual stated: "Its not the actual wand casting the spell, but the words you speak as you wave and point."

Now, while I found the humor in that statement, oddly, it actually struck a chord with me and stayed with me for a few days. It resonated with me on many levels, but as it pertains to a brand, it got me thinking….

Names like: Ralph Lauren, Polo, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger to name a few; at their basic fundamental core, those "names" are just "words". Why did you just feel the emotion you felt behind each one as you read them to yourself? Aside from, maybe slight, differences in quality of material, as a brand, what is actually invoking the emotional response when you are agreeing to purchase and therefore become associated with these "words"?

hmmm… maybe its magic.

"Words are mankind's greatest creation; capable of transcending time and space; capable of controlling the human mind; capable of anything. So, embrace words and their power. Read, write, tell stories, wield your magic". -Unknown (to me)



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