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(4)Who are my ideal customers?

The 4th question on my "six questions every brand should ask themselves" assessment is who is my ideal customer?

Now, Ive taken marketing classes that have preached the statistics of finding you're ideal demographic: age, race, income status etc, etc. (I realize and respect the science behind this).

But, my honest answer is: I honestly haven't quite pinned it down yet. I've had customers purchase my product based on my story, and I've had those purchase my hoodie simply because they've seen me wearing it and liked the logo. There're also those that support me because they know who I am and support me and like what I represent. These demographics have ranged from those as young as 8 and 9 year olds, to seventeen year olds. Those in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and beyond. My previous blogs referenced those in the Denver Rescue mission to those who have well paying jobs and stable backgrounds.

The entire point of my blogs was to create an organic following from the grass roots, based from a genuine place of growth and overcoming obstacles to achieve any goal.

That is Buttawear in a nutshell. Therefore my ideal customer is anyone who doesn't presume to be better than anyone else, yet is constantly seeking to better themselves.​ Accomplishing any goal they set out to seek, never giving up until their dreams are realized.

Yea, thats Buttawear.



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