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A Season.

As Spring is in full swing with Summer just around the corner, I have been inspired by an inclination to take this time off to just.. be. To live, study, learn and grow. I feel a shift happening and I have to be well prepared for the success that I am 100% sure is to follow.

With that being said, I would like to reiterate that "Success is not the destination, but rather the starting point."

Much like the NBA, or any sport/competition at its top professional level, just getting there is such a great accomplishment. But now one must put in the work to excel and perform, consistently, and at a high level.

So to everyone who has been following, I again, thank you, and I hope that these blogs brought you some value in some way, shape or form. Lets call this "the offseason" (In honor of J.Cole's latest album). And no matter what, please understand that failing is only part of the process and its there to prepare you for whats really yours!



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