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Be cool, just being yourself. (cont.)

In continuance with last weeks blog, I want to share that my distinction is my own personal life experience of mental and physical hardship. A living, breathing personal example that anything is possible. From short stints in jail, to homeless shelters to luxury hotels and traveling abroad. The resilience to make the most out of every situation and the relentless search for meaning and happiness. This company is literally a piece of the puzzle that is a part of me. This isn't just a company for profit, it is a part of my personal life’s transformation, in living color. Like a butterfly. The following are two more steps to being cool, just being yourself.

  • Love, peace, and happiness are what we all really want. I'm sure there are a few others, but at the end of the day I am sure we can all agree on the famous Chambers Brother's lyrics as a solid foundation. Never give up on your dreams. Find what it is that you enjoy doing and find a way to integrate that into your business life. Experience a freedom that no one can take from you.  The ROI (Return on Investment) of life is Happiness, not money.  

  • Get connected to the voice inside that will never steer you wrong. No matter what the outside environment, look within for happiness and your inner confidence will radiate and precede you.  Making a living and soul purpose are both equally important to lasting freedom.

There is no such thing as a life, that is better than yours. We are who we are in this world. OWN IT.



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