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Better Days

"Life is inherently complex and unpredictable, its power is far beyond anything we can ever completely comprehend or control." -RG

This quote spoke to me in a number of different ways. While I try my best to avoid making excuses for actions that require improvement, I, also require constant reminders to not be so hard on myself; This quote, for me, is one of them.

As a Capricorn, I LOVE to be in complete control of a situation... Im sure many can relate! If I set a goal, and put all my energy into it, as a matter of cause and effect, I anticipate tangible results that I can see and feel. These results then translate into progress, and therefore, a tool of measure: where I began, where I am now, to then look to where I want to go.

The frustration comes when, just when I think I have overcome an insurmountable feat, I move forward gleefully, only to see the road ahead seems insuperable! Ugh.. I've always told myself it is better to try and fail, then to not have tried at all.. The weird thing is, technically, I haven't failed, just not succeeded (yet) in the manner I desire. In truth, this whole experience is truly amazing, this "condition of the human variety", I suppose I just am somewhat eager to see just how far I (we) can go, with that said, I also, suppose a little patience goes a long way as well...

Here's to better days.



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