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Its like Butta, baby!

I truly hope everyone had a truly enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday! I am extremely grateful AND thankful for every friend, family, support and encounter I have had the pleasure of experiencing to get to this exact moment in time. Every decision made, no matter how minute, has led me here. Not always perfect, or correct -many times far from it, but, I am truly thankful, none the less, because if were not for this, there would be no that!

And thats a fact!

Also, in my excitement of the new merch dropping last week, I admittedly dropped the ball in missing the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the birthday of a hip hop legend, Phife Dog, of A Tribe Called Quest. Being that a huge part of Buttawear's DNA is music (Organized noise) more specifically Hip-Hop, I'd be remiss if I did not dedicate this week's song in his honor.. especially one that captures the name sake! RIP.



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