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So. . . . What’re we doing?

For those just joining, Welcome! My name is Dawaun Butterfield, founder and CEO of Buttawear (get it?) and the purpose of these weekly blogs are to document my journey (5 years ago I picked up and moved from Colorado to New York with the aspirations of starting my own *sneaker* company) in a monologue with hopefully positive and more importantly helpful antidotes that guide me as well as help others to our targeted objectives, all with the undertone message of “If I can do it, so can you!”

Now, key word in that last paragraph is my journey, which if you didn't know, is through the lens of an African American, or a Black "American" Man. Part of establishing my brand, as well as who I am, is being entirely truthful and authentic to the best of my knowledge and ability in hopes that I strike a cord with some that may or may not connect and relate. Last weeks short blog was my failed attempt at remaining diplomatic and not mixing politics with life, however, in todays society they are one in the same. I'd be remiss if I did not air my own grievances with what has been transpiring and the response, or lack there of, as a consequence.

So, the gaping, laughable, atrociously racial bias is unfortunately par for the course. I've more than my share of experiences in that department, unfortunately, in fact, a major reason for my abrupt move in the first place, naively thinking I was moving to a more diverse, progressive, legit melting pot, full of opportunity..... which, is only partly true. It is futile to focus on that, today, which in my opinion is the root, because as history-as well as reality- has shown us, it continuously falls on deaf ears, therefore there's always time and will be other situations where it will rear its ugly head because we refuse to acknowledge and therefore kill it! This isn't anything new. No, what is new is an all out attack on "our" democracy, not by a foreign country, or terrorist, but by the very chair sworn to protect, LEAD, and whom is arguably literally THE. HIGHEST. OFFICE. IN. THE. LAND. (Land here, meaning WORLD)

What I would like to reiterate here, is that, given all the trash and BS that we have had to put up with, in our history, as a people, a country and a society, I have been trying with every fiber of my being to rise above and understand and while not easy, be as realistic as possible. To be a man, an example, and hopefully one day an inspiration to some and while FAR from perfect, reasonable enough to understand for anything to work successfully, to obtain a targeted objective, working for, with and against people that are not agreeable in a professional diplomatic manner, are certainly a requirement! In fact, some might say, it builds character! So I am fine with a leader who I may not agree with all the time, or the tactics as long as we can agree on an understood "targeted objective".

So... What're we doing?

Because last time I checked since Kindergarten, it has been drilled in our heads, that what makes our land so great is its diplomacy, its republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE and liberty and justice for ALL. Yea? Was that a lie? Sure seems like it at this point! I'm not the smartest guy in the room, I don't have a fancy education, it took me (literally) twenty years to get a four year degree! All I have is my wits, proper tools my mother equipped me with and my born grit to survive, but I know what I see juxtaposed with what we've been taught..



The irony is not lost on me that there is a very thin line in what we all want, at the end of the day we are fighting for the same thing, are we not...? Freedom? But while some are fighting for freedom to openly break the law, I just want the freedom to make a mistake or two, you know, like a human being that is trying to learn and grow, without losing my life or forever chastised for not being perfect!

This is the land of the free? But where is the line drawn?

The Irony is also not lost, that while we are facing a global pandemic, a virus, our very fabric of society is facing the same? If democracy is our society's immune system, there is a cancerous tumor attacking it.

So... What're we doing?

Kaepernick was a problem for "disrespecting" the flag, so... what is #45 doing? Im not interested in going tit for tat, and go on forever, but I needed to let it be known, because too many times no one listens and we are told one thing and shown another. Im PAST tired. In fact, Im sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So I would like to conclude with one question (as well as a follow up) because I'm lost:

Whats the Targeted Objective?

And if so,




I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. -Alan Watts.


PS. New Merch drop! -Butta Crisp Tee


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