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Pain. Uncertainty. Constant Work.

The title of this week's blog was also the theme of last weeks and quite honestly will continue to be the underlying theme for every blog moving forward.

As previously mentioned, the goal for myself is to launch Buttawear as a successful sneaker brand. How that comes into fruition is certainly, uncertain. But one thing that is for certain, is the fact that I will never give up or stop trying! Which by definition in and of itself quite literally requires constant work. With constant work, inevitably comes, at some point, some levels of growth. In that growth there will, I imagine, be some form of obstacles, large or small, to which will need to be overcome, and in getting over said obstacles, will bring some form of setbacks and/or disappointments, which I believe we can all agree be described as some form of pain.

All of that and I still haven't even scratched the surface of the curve balls life tends throw at us that we haven't even planned for! Which in turn brings me right back to uncertainty. See the pattern?

There are 3 truisms in life: Pain. Uncertainty. Constant Work!

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