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A New, New Beginning

Hello, and welcome to a new, NEW beginning at Buttawear. I began this site over a year ago where I was making weekly entries to chronicle my quest of moving to New York (from Colorado) and starting a sneaker company, A life long dream of mine! I did no advertising as I wanted the site to grow organically and see where it would go from there. Each entry was very short, about a paragraph or two, and topped off with a piece of music that I found inspiring and related to the topic at hand, an easy and efficient way to begin a brand. However, I hit a wall. I fell on hard times, became uninspired and scrapped the whole project as things were not turning out as planned. But alas, hindsight is 20/20, this is part of the process, the journey, and I can't expect for things to be good all the time while not expecting any challenges along the way. Thats not how life works, and thats not how being a human being works.

So I will be back to posting every Saturday, honest content to chronicle where this journey ends up and hopefully a new brand will be born along the way.

This is Buttawear.

(Just a little motivation to start things off, enjoy:)

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