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Entry 4


Welcome to this weeks post. Being successful is something I have been focusing a lot of energy on lately. There are different levels of success. Getting out of bed every morning is a success for some, myself included some days, to finishing school or any number of tasks one sets out as a goal and then completes it. For me, I am trying to discover the most deepest meaning of success. Not just to set a goal and accomplish it, but why I have the goal in the first place. I will admit that on the surface it sounds sexy to move to NY and start a sneaker brand, and I would be lying if that wasn't part of the appeal for me. But there has to be more to it than that. I'm not that shallow. I am on a constant journey of discovering who I am and what I am about each and everyday as I continue to grow and learn to be my best self.

That is my goal, to be my best possible self each and everyday. Some days I fall short, but I will continue to do my best, and as long as I am giving my best effort I certainly consider that to be a success. Self discovery and inner peace are the ultimate goal. If I have those things I can find my true self and also help others and that is true success. To give back.



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