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Entry 5

This week I sincerely hope everyone stays encouraged. Life is tough, it is a long road of obstacles and challenges but I can't help but feel it will all be worth it in the end. I, myself, in the journey of trying to launch a brand have come across a lot more than I bargained for. One principle topic being self discovery. I realized I must know who I am first and what I truly stand for before I can begin to put out a representation of that thing out to the world.

I know a couple of key traits that have an impact on me and my character like Love, Respect and Compassion, but in addition to those things, trying to find out what TRULY make me tick, my core principles. The things I will DIE for, yea it gets that deep. And honestly I am still working on it, with the help of others of course, because if there is one thing I have learned is that you can't go at it alone. Much as Ive tried, there are very few things more valuable than a solid support system. Life is hard enough on its own.

So I hope as I figure myself out I can help others on their journey as well. Mindset says a lot, and life can be limitless if we put our mind to it!

Lets get it.



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