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Entry 6

(Last) week was a good week, besides my laptop crashing. So I am posting from my phone (Yes, for technology!) sorry this post is a couple days late. My apologies.

So the semester is over and it surprisingly went by pretty quick to be honest, and I am currently reading an interesting book called Mindset by Carol Dwek. Its about having a "fixed" mindset as compared to a "growth" one. I am trying my best to train myself to have the latter, as I am definitley guilty of having a fixed mindset in certain situations. Trying to grow and stay positive in any situation can be extremely difficult, but it doesnt have to be. I have struggled with this fixed mindset to the point of deep depression and even strongly considering taking my own life. This is a struggle that I have not openly shared before and I am practicing being more vulnerable in hopes of attracting like minded people who can relate and gain value from another persons perspective. The best thing I have learned thus far is that life is not a sprint. It is a marothon. And a minor setback or even a major one for that matter is just that, a setback. But it doeant mean life is over, there is always a new day.

Little actions over time add up to results. One foot in front of the other. Its a long journey and thats all we can do. one step at a time. Thats what this blog is, even if its just a baby step. Everyone has their own mountain to climb. This is mine. Lets see where this goes.


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