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Entry 7

This week has gone by fairly quickly, still chipping away at this goal. This week I wanted to share 4 people I am inspired by.

Oprah Winfrey

Gary Vee

J.K. Rowling


I am inspired by these four individuals because they have all struggled through some type of adversity in their own respect. They each had reasons and excuses to give up during different stages in their lives but chose to push forward and continue on. And now all of them are wildly successful. Life is a marathon. Some days I don't think I have the chops or the stamina to continue on, but then I see people who have faced real setbacks due to their circumstances or environment and still found a way to succeed. And as a cherry on top they give value to their end consumer which makes everything come back full circle.

Its tough and often difficult but all great things come at a price.

Who inspires you? And why?



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