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As I log back in from my hiatus and reflect on how drastic things have changed (As well as remained the same) in just a year and a half, two words come to mind:

Growth: the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually: keeping a journal can be a vital step in our personal growth. (This blog is becoming my "live" journal)


Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Both are two of the necessary straits to be successful in any arena of your choosing. This year marks four years since I moved to New York to pursue my dreams. In that amount of time I have been blessed to be reconnected with love as well as accomplish two goals I never could've imagined possible: I completed my Bachelors degree from FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) as well as been promoted Front Office Manager at a luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan. All small feats in comparison to my ultimate goal, but THE most important take away from these accomplishments is this:

No matter how cruel, tough, persistent, this world, life, people are at trying to make you feel as though you are less than, don't matter and undeserving of any dreams or goals you have set out for yourself, DON'T BELIEVE IT!!


As my barber (One of my favorite New Yorkers) once told me: "Just. Don't. Give. Up." And thats the key.

Heres to the journey and never giving up on our goals.



Ps. Normally I just like instrumentals to induce thought. However, I can't think of a more appropriate song with lyrics.

Ps.s I feel their is sybolism in todays title/date.. hmmm. Not sure, what do you think? (Fun fact: My favorite number is 3 ;-)

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