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Six months into the year 2020, and what a roller coaster it has been. We lost a legend in January, (RIP 8/24), his family, unfortunately, lost much more. We have been struck with (and currently still fighting) a global pandemic since the end of February/beginning of March that has forced many, including myself, to quarantine for several months as well as finish school online, while effectively seeing the cancellation of ALL major sports and concerts putting everything on a definite "Pause". While on this pause the spotlight has been shone on an all too regular practice of police brutality and systemic racism that has forced the hands of many companies and government officials alike to do some serious inventory of their practices and start making changes for a better tomorrow! (Just to name a few)

Is this authentic change or just "lip service" to calm the masses? One can't help but wonder.

All we can do is wait, check our own inventory… and breathe…

And most importantly enjoy the ride. We only get one life. Lets make the best of what we have, while we have it!



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