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I hear ya

"Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." - William Congreve, 1697.

This is as true today as when it was quoted then, in the poem: The Morning Bride. All music, any music, has the ability to strike a cord in our soul that transcends anything physical. It is another vehicle of communication, even when the language spoken is not understood.

For me, Hip-hop as well as jazz, most consistently strike that cord. This week, I had the privilege of observing some members of the younger generation, (Ages 7-8) as they were admittedly accustom to 'Tiktok' music, call a hip-hop classic (from my generation) "wack". I found great humor in this. It made me think and appreciate their viewpoint, as I then listened to a few songs that they really liked. While I wasn't a fan of the lyrics or the message that was subliminally being communicated, I will admit, the melody as well as the rhythm and beat was catchy and, somewhat, similar to what I like, and thus, relatable! (to an extent)

Now, for context, I certainly do not expect young kids in that age range to understand the importance of the lyrics and/or receive the message of a Eric B. & Rakim, but, that experience actually made ME revisit that song and that era in 1987, as an eighties baby myself, and RE-appreciate a time that is very arguably the beginning of the "golden age" of hip-hop that has had such a profound impact on me, my perspective on life and how I manage the different challenges (rhythms) it so consistently provides.

Just some food for thought.

So as I (continue to) "think of a master plan", and of course for nostalgia's sake, please enjoy a hip-hop classic (Throw back) in all it's cadences that influenced some of the greatest artists in hip-hop that in turn, influenced me, while also communicated a very important message that needed to be heard then, but also, still relevant today. You can decide for yourself if it is, in fact, "wack". (I kid ;-)- but its totally okay if you do!

The journey continues.



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