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Butta Tees

I am very happy to announce the official (re) release of the Butta Tee! For the OG's who have been with me since day one, back in my "mission" days, you already possess something extremely special that is worth more than any dollar amount, as the garment that you may, or may not, still own is a part of the original grass roots when Buttawear was just an idea that has yet to come to fruition.

For those joining during this stage, you have an opportunity to equally be apart of something extremely special that has been a very long time coming! While sneakers and ultimately self-sustainability of running my own business are the ultimate goal.. this goal, while lofty, is also, unfortunately, expensive.

So, to procure capital for the business, I can kill two birds with one stone by selling t-shirts and apparel, while simultaneously inching closer to my ultimate goal of having a full sneaker line!

Pictures for reference are below; I can confirm these shirts are of high quality and very comfortable!

I do want to thank EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON who has been so very supportive during this journey! We are just at the beginning, and I promise the best is yet to come!!

Disclaimer: Please excuse the low quality, less polished pictures, as this is my first go at a venture of this magnitude.

I assure you, in time, my skills will improve!

Again, Thank you all in advance for any and all support!! It is always all LOVE and much appreciated!!

This is just the beginning, and its more than Love, the only thing I ask, besides the financial support of purchasing a T-shirt, is to please pass on this website via word of mouth. Social media is very noisy and I truly believe any message I try to communicate gets lost in that noise. Anyone who purchases these shirts proves to me, and others, that you truly accepted and received the message I'm trying to communicate, effectively making you my true core audience!



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