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A season for everything

Time, in essence, is a man-made construct used as a tool for measurement.

Along the (time)line, however, we all became so caught up in a crazy big RUSH for everything; By this age I need to be this. By this "time" I should have that.

Well, even if we succeed, then what? And if we don't? Well, then we have another day to try again, right? I think the true answer is relative to the individual. For me, the biggest clarity I've gained, in what took me (literally) 20 years to obtain my Bachelor's degree, is that it does not matter how much "time" it takes to achieve the targeted objective, as long as that objective is achieved. The victory in that is still extremely rewarding and every bit as sweet! Maybe even sweeter. . . and if not? Well thats ok too, the most important thing, to me, is trying, how else will be know if it can work? I.e. this website!

That being said, the first week of the official product launch (by my measurement) was a success! So again, I can't thank everyone enough for their support, it is extremely appreciated and doubly motivating!! Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was juxtaposed with increasing challenges mounting in other areas, namely at my "day job"…. ugh.. c'est la vie!

I guess I'll conclude with, though the journey never stops, and I am 100% confident my objective will be achieved, It is equally important to always keep in mind, that within this journey there are always seasons for everything.

Both eloquently noted in both Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and a classic song by The Byrds! (Shared below)

Does this blog even make sense? I'm not even too sure myself… oh, well.... to the journey!



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