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A Delicate balance.

Good afternoon.

My initial intention when writing this week's blog was to say something poignant, insightful and hopefully motivating about life. How crazy it is, how it can be gone at any moment and how we should value each day as a gift. How it is so easy to take for granted those things we deep down inside truly appreciate and cherish.

For these reasons it seems a constant tug of war between going hard everyday like its your last, and strategically planning for a future that is uncertain. But, maybe, thats the point?

Though I really didn't know you well, you taught me the importance of craftsmanship and hard work. To this day the Niner's are still my team and of course I have an amazing brother because of you. Of course, no one is perfect, but I do thank you for always treating our mother with the upmost respect (at least in front of us) and being a great example of a black man to a young kid baffled by the mysteries the world had yet to (and still) unfold. I'm beginning to understand more and more, being a Step-Dad is not easy. But it's worth it. Rest easy, Big Phil.



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