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A long walk.

As the summer months wind down to an end and the cool mornings slowly creep in, my morning walks through prospect park are a fresh and invigorating way to find clarity - per my last post.

(Also) Top 5 benefits of walking include:

  • Lower body mass index (BMI). ...

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol. ...

  • Lower fasting blood sugar (glucose). ...

  • Better memory and cognitive function. ...

  • Lower stress and improved mood. ...

  • Longer Life (Presumably)

Coupled with meditating and sending the (proper) energy out to the world, the details to my Buttawear campaign are beginning to come together, one intricate puzzle piece at a time. I love it!

More details to come, but in the meantime, its always nice to enjoy a nice long walk.. solo or with a partner. It brings to mind another one of my favorite artist. Hope you enjoy!



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