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A Success!

Last week's "mental break" blog brought me to an amazing place of (re) centering and understanding where the brand is, as it stands, today. There has been a whirlwind of different events going on, as life tends to do, that I believe brought me to the point of the end of one loop and the start of another.. Allow me to explain:

While this is a working theory, I believe everything in the Universe operates in cycles, patterns, and or "loops". One full rotation of the earth constitutes a day, a full revolution around the sun, a year, and so on and so forth. I haven't quite pinned my patterns/habits down, but I figure every 5 to 6 years my "loop" is ending and beginning anew. Ive been working on just getting "established" and trying to pin down the personality of the brand and also my why. But if I focus too much on that, I am not seeing the forest amongst the trees. Buttawear has been a work in progress over the years, and the progress made in recent months have proven to be more successful than I could ever have imagined... and (on a macro level) NO ONE STILL REALLY KNOWS WHO I AM! Its great!

The beauty about beginning each new loop, is that I get to bring everything Ive learned and all of the experiences with me from the previous loop, and therefore growth happens! A similar challenge that may have took me X amount of time in the previous loop to solve, is cut in half in the new loop, because of the experience that carries over! Right? Does this sound crazy?.. or just plain loopy!;-)

At any rate this loop is off to a great start as my First. Official. Sneaker, has made the minimum pre-orders and therefore is officially in production mode! I have all of you to thank! Not only is this proof of product, but more importantly, additional motivation to continuously learn and grow. I am very humbly appreciative! *Insert praying hands here*

On that note: Stay tuned for some more dialed in directions for the brand as well as revisiting some key anchor points, including todays music, that I think will tie everything together in a nice (dope) bow!

Cheers, and thank you, again.


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