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An Opportunity

So on the heels of last week's (successful) podcast interview -Thank you everyone who listened and supported!! - I was forwarded the information of an Italian based company, who, by all measures is EXACTLY the stepping stone I need to get closer to my ultimate goal! (The Universe is working!!) is essentially a platform that gives talented and creative people all over the world the professional resources to design their own custom shoes and launch a shoe line from scratch! They take care of all production and logistics from Le Marche, Italy, which is said to be "the most exclusive and prestigious shoemaking district in the world."

I mean.. is that match, or is it a match! Now, to be fair, there is next to no profit being made, (at all) but if nothing else I can view this as an opportunity for a "proof of concept" without losing my hat, not to mention space by not having to store a bunch of inventory that may or may not move.

The only catch is that they will not start production until there is a minimum of 7 pairs pre-ordered (technically 6 because Ive ordered my pair already). -Check em out!!

If you like the design and also want to support; this discount code will get you an additional $20 off! (keep in mind, there is also free shipping;) $20 discount code: DRVHVLCBIMS

Finally, I would like to humbly thank everyone in advance for the continued support, it means more than you know!!



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