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Sometimes I feel anxious about things. Like, I would feel anxious about the past, sometimes about the future.. but in general about life! I'm mainly anxious about being successful.. Not specifically about success as a destination because I know its about the journey, but more about what fulfills me.

Sometimes it feels like a fool's errand. Like chasing my tail. With each accomplished goal, bringing on new ambitions and bigger ventures.

In a previous post I spoke about a continuous "loop". In a recent unrelated conversion, I was informed about the creator of one of my favorite animated shows Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, who has invented something quite similar known as the "Dan Harmon Story Wheel."

The thing I like most about this wheel is step 8 (Having Changed), starting the wheel over affectively a changed person as the wheel starts over again. Such as life... the circle of life, and the "cycle" of growth.. Its amazing!

Almost like a video game.



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