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Be cool, just being yourself.

The title of this blog is the core of my brand identity. Its simple and succinct, however, not as easy as it sounds. In the coming blogs I will be discussing in detail about what it means to be cool, just being yourself, and some steps that may assist in getting you there.

  1. Go inside and find your happiness: Don’t be afraid of your thoughts and feelings. None of us are "all knowing" and all of us are as fucked up as you think you are. We put people on a pedestal, and create a benchmark for ourselves, outside of ourselves. Don’t believe the lie!  The fear of not being good enough, man or woman enough, in my case, “black” enough, attractive enough, skilled enough, and capable of handling whatever obstacles are placed before you, is a lie.  We are enough. Period.

  2. Our natural human tendency is to compare. Comparing can be a bridge or a moat. It can offer information for us to make informed decisions, or it can backfire and turn on us like a hot fire poker in negative self-talk, and we perish. Self-judgment, comparing our insides to others outside appearances is a fast track for failure. The truth is, our unique contribution to the world is what is needed now. Embrace your unique and distinct self, and offer that to the world. This will bring you the peace, happiness and fulfillment you seek.  Make sure you are on the healthy side of your humanness.

Again, all easier said than done, but remember, I am not preaching or lecturing, it is my hope to influence and assist as I, myself, navigate these waters to a level of success that matches my standards. Its all about balance. No one is perfect. In the famous words of the classic Hair Club for Men slogan back in the day:

"I am not just the creator of Buttawear, I am also a client"…. Or something like that.



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