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But, what do I know..

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog about success being the enemy. Well.. I don't want to beat a dead horse about what literally everyone on the planet has been talking about, but I do think it is a shining example of that very lesson.

Like an onion, what transpired the other night has a lot of stinky layers that can be peeled back and examined, but honestly, I don't care to discuss or dig too deep into it. Everyone's opinions have been exhausted enough.

Besides, because Im not at the level of success (yet) that I attain to be, no one is going to listen anyway.

Not to mention the many ironies involved. I just can't help but think that the wisest words any of us can strive to live by are the lessons we learned as kids:

"keep your hands, feet and all objects to yourself.."

"sticks and stones.."

"Im rubber, your glue.."

"treat people how you want to be treated.." etc.

Obviously easier said than done when one is in the moment, but the hard truth behind the statement still remains. Maybe, just like the book, Everything we ever need to know, we really did learn in kindergarten.."

But I don't know… what do I know? I'm still trying to figure things out myself..



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