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Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.

I would like to grow to become an old, wise (handsome) man. A loving and caring father, grandfather and leader. A pillar for the community as well as for the culture, while maintaining a certain level of privacy. I would like to be comfortable and at peace.

I would like for the next generation to have and exploit opportunities never before known or seen, to then provide even more opportunities for the generation after them. I would like to move forward to a clean future with equal opportunities to resources that will give life to ideas for those who did not previously have access. Not just a privileged few.

But, alas, the system continues to do what it was designed to do right before our eyes. In May 2020, much of the world witnessed yet another, albeit a modern day, public lynching. Yes, that is what it was. And instead of the offender-A police officer, with virtually all evidence stacked against him being tried for his charges, the focal point seems to be the victims character-who lost his life. Yea, the system is broken, and has been for quite some time now. Almost three months to the day of the "incident" at the US capitol, and optics do not look good at all. We need to fix it.

"The jury is still out" though and I pray the judge does the right thing. I pray good prevails for what is right. I pray 2021 is the turning point so that instead of the odds of me dying increasing each time I step outside the door, the odds of the aforementioned paragraphs are what we step closer to. Yea, thats the vibe. Thats the path I would like to go down.

Otherwise its just the same old song:

Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.



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