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(human) Nature is a Mother

In a civil society, you cannot force anyone against their will to do something they don't want to. At best, a society should be the right for individuals to come together for a common purpose. We seem to have been struggling with what exactly that common purpose is for some time now.

However, while the thoughts and actions of others are out of our control, what is very much in our control is the thoughts of ourselves. As has always been stated, I am a constant work in progress, but I cannot hope to master any craft or discipline, without first mastering myself. Ironically, in my journey, I have found that the more I learn about myself, the clearer of an understanding I begin to gain of others... weird!

At any rate, I hope everyone voted, and just because the outside world is not always ideal does not mean that we cannot go through life with the most ideal mindset to enjoy this experience called... well, life!



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