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I am what I Am..

So heres a long regarded story I've only shared with a few:

As stated in my previous blog, Im a fan of automobiles, more specifically the design and engineering of them, right? Anyone who also knows me, knows Ive been a long time fan of James Bond, as most I'm sure, and the Aston Martin (DB9).

Ok, so in 2014, I was working at the luxury hotel (in Denver) of which there was a partnership/promotion going on with Aston Martin. For a full week a representative would come to the hotel lobby and sign guests up for an opportunity to test drive one of three models in an attempt to reach their target customer and presumably execute future sales. Makes sense, right? Cool.

As a Bell Captain at the time, I would hang in the lobby myself to greet guests and converse with the fellas (Valet and Doormen) on the front drive during down time. Naturally, I eventually began conversing with the representative to which we began discussing numerous topics from my admiration and design/engineering of the DB9 to how Aston Martin as a company was to work for. The representative was gracious enough, and on the next to last day, since prospects were very low, he invited me to go on a test drive on the final day! Wow, was I excited! The only issue, which was not really an issue is the following day was my day off. I cleared it with the hotel and it worked out in everyones favor because I could do the test drive as any other guest and can assume full liability for any reason.

Now, as a caveat, I need to reiterate my background as a mechanic at a high profile dealership, not to mention my time valeting vehicles at this very hotel, so I am well versed in luxury cars and operating high-end vehicles responsibly. Why I was so geeked? This was my opportunity to drive around my dream car in a personal, not professional, capacity. Almost a manifestation of what my natural next steps would be, I was, with no exaggeration, planning my day off: "Lets see, wake up, head to the gym, grab some breakfast, test drive an Aston Martin, grab coffee then head to the grocery store." -No big deal.

So the big day arrives! I wake up, go to the gym and made myself some breakfast, as planned. I get dressed; in an attempt to be as comfortable as possible, I dressed in (what I thought was stylish) White/Grey Jordan cross trainers, Grey sweats, a white V-neck tee shirt, with a light white North Face jacket. Cool, comfortable and ready for my date with my dream car, I head out.

Feeling on top of the world, I show up at my appointed time 15mins early. Not thinking anything wrong, I walk up to the front drive, said whats up to the fellas and hung out in the lobby until my appointment. I seen the representative, gave him a nod to let him know I was there. I did note a peculiar expression on his face, but brushed it off and waited. I waited… and continued to wait. Finally one of the Front Desk agents came to say hi, and asked what I was doing there on my day off? I explained to her the reason, and she responded; "Why did you come in your pajamas?" Ummm… WHAT!? "Uh, these aren't my PJ's" I responded, "I'm just comfortable". "Oh, okay" she replied as she headed back to the front desk before she stated "Enjoy!". Needless to say, I continued to wait and wait. Finally, the doorman came to me and said the representative informed him to inform me that the remaining appointments have been filled and he had departed on the final day. *insert disappointment trombone here*

Disappointed and feeling a bit foolish, I left the lobby and continued the rest of my day a bit more deflated, but not before snapping a photo as a reminder of this day: *actual photo*

Now, a few questions: was I wrong for showing up "comfortably"? Was I to presume I was to show up in a full suit? If thats the case, am I really even there in a personal capacity at all then? I mean, was I not the same person the representative was conversing with all week? Even though I was there during my personal time, I was still a representative of the company I worked for, so my mannerisms were no different then if I was there in a full suit, so the clothing was the only difference. But, a difference it made.

At the end of the day, a valid argument could be made for both sides of each question above. I guess the only valid answer is the one I give myself, since I experience it and it is this: I carry myself and others with the upmost respect at all times, and in my opinion, the man makes the clothes, not the other way around. If after knowing me for a week the representative felt compelled to invite me on the test drive, and thats how I felt comfortable, then the test drive should have commenced. (I mean, do owners of Aston Martins not drive their vehicles unless in a suit?) But alas, the test drive did not commence, and whose loss was it? All parties involved exercised their truth, and for that I have absolutely no regrets, just wasn't the correct time. What is meant for us, will eventually come to us when the right time permits, it is what it is, and I am what/who I am. Nothing or no one can ever take that away. Just some food for thought..



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