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Last weeks blog which contained concerns in todays world proved to be both therapeutic as well as enlightening. After having stepped away to clear my thoughts and digest what has been going on, I was also reassured and reminded about the progress that has been made thus far. . .

Reminded the very next day after the blog post, which was, among a couple other friends, the late, 'Greatest', Muhammad Ali's birthday. The very inspiration behind my logo and embodiment of having never losing your spirit, your truth of who you are, and your convictions no matter how ugly of an opposition one faces.

Reminded that the very next day after that, was Martin Luther King, Jr Day, and regardless how anyone feels, or how cliche it may seem.. I mean... come on? Need I say more?

Reminded two days after that with the inauguration of the new administration and history being made as the first woman (of color) was sworn in as Vice President that there is still hope. And meaning.

And finally, reminded, unfortunately, two days after that, by the untimely demise of baseball great Hank Aaron, one time home-run king, who broke "The Great Bambino"s record despite racial opposition. RIP. All of these examples and more are reassuring reminders that fighting the "good fight" is never in vain.

Life is hard. And sometimes, it hits harder. But, no matter how many times you get knocked down, always remember to get back up. And as long as you keep waking up to a new day, that is another opportunity to get back up. If you have a dream, don't ever give up on it. Its never too late. As long as there is a new day, there's always a chance. Just remember to bob and weave, when needed, take a knee, and float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!



PS. RIP to Larry King as well, he was certainly an American Icon over the years of his show "Larry King Live"


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