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More than kanye loves Kanye..

Last week I had the honor of being interviewed, again. (I think I'm beginning to enjoy these interviews! lol) My former Professor at FIT has a current student doing a project on the subject, of "if/how student alumni keep and continue with their passions after graduating".

I thought it an interesting subject and one I am equally curious about. While, as I mentioned in previous blogs, it is so easy to get "lost in the sauce" of just sustaining and a life, our passions simply fall by the wayside.

The surprising thing that came out of the interview, for me at least, is: In explaining my goals and how far I still had to go, it never occurred to me, as my interviewer pointed out, how passionate I came across in just simply describing in detail my the goals themselves. All I was focused on was how far I still had to go, however, there is absolute beauty in the journey! To fail and come back victorious in even the smallest feats can be everything (in terms of motivaton) for the next person to hear about it. Equally as important, to me, is to maintain a balance of confidence and humbleness mixed with gratitude when one achieves their desired objective. (Thats what my logo is about). Kanye was an example I kept pointing to, as I admire his focus, drive and determination in mastering his craft. I can easily see how his confidence is through the roof, but it can also be a liability if not balanced with the right amount of gratitude and humbleness.

I say all this to say, theres hidden gems in the journey. The possibility of inspiring the next generation(s) to be great by doing certain things that seem small to us or that we take for granted because we've done them so much it becomes second nature, is a gift in itself!

So, it turns out, while I thought I was just a fill in option for this young student's interview, who did great by the way! I was a perfect candidate! Im very passionate about my journey, about my goals, and more than confident I will achieve the objective! I'm loving the journey, love how life has been unfolding, and love who Im becoming. I would even go as far to say, I love this more than Kanye loves Kanye.. and that saying a lot!



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