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Opportunities in abundance

This week, I am understanding that opportunities can come at any moment, whether one is ready for them or not.

Some opportunities fall in your lap, while others you may have to create on your own. Recently Ive come to the understanding that an opportunity is sometimes what you make it. The right mindset will attract like minded individuals and circumstances that will likely bring the next opportunity around the corner.

We can be our greatest asset as well as our own worst enemy. The power lies within us.

There’s an African story that Ive read that really sticks with me called "Acres of Diamonds". I encourage anyone to look it up, but in a nutshell, its the story of a farmer who owned acres of barron, rocky land that was not yielding any crops. Suddenly he heard of tales of "easy wealth" being created on the countryside, to which he wanted to partake. The farmer sold his land in search of riches to no avail. He then lost all hope and drowned himself in the river. Meanwhile the person he sold his land too found that the "rocky" land were not rocks at all but uncut diamonds. The drowned farmer was sitting on a land of riches the whole time.

-The point Im trying to make is, I believe everyone is full of his or her own riches or gifts, we just have to take the time to "mine" it out sometimes. You never know what opportunities will come from it.

Life is messy, nothing is perfect and time is limited. May as well make the best of what we got!



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