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Practicing what I Preach

When I think about what I want my brand's DNA to be at it's core, I like to look to real world examples of other brands, I admire, that have already accomplished some aspect of my lofty goals.

Ralph Lauren, who created Polo in 1967 seems to check all of the boxes to date. Born in the Bronx, NY, he worked his way up from selling his own high quality neck ties, out of a (single) drawer, in the Empire State Building, to a "top shelf" American brand recognized and admired world wide for the high quality aesthetics and lifestyle associated with the brand. In short he successfully accomplished the objective of making anyone who put on his product feel like they're a part of the "American Dream". Phil Knight, who started Nike in 1964 is another example of a successful brand with a strong DNA. His story goes without saying.

These are bars that have been set incredibly high, by people who have had certain resources and advantages allotted to them that I could not even dream of! From Maslow's hierarchy of needs to simple access by association, though they are still people, like you and I, , my head still spins just thinking of the hoops and glass ceilings one would have to jump through and break to even get half as far as those guys. Honestly, it can be quite discouraging.. I mean, who am I? Really?.. However, I do believe it is always good to have something or someone to aspire towards, sort of like a tool of measure in the world of relativity, and while I do have quite a ways to go to make any such accomplishments as the brands mentioned above, I am extremely happy with what I have accomplished in the beginning steps I have taken thus far. Everyone has their own mountain to climb.

I guess.. I should be cool, just being myself.



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