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So, apologies for not blogging last week but I had to do some serious reassessing of the brand and my whole approach. There are some things I like, that I also think are working, and there are some that could use some improvement.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely proud of the progress and things I have learned to get to this point, but much like the evolution of a butterfly (and my logo) it is time for Buttawear to.. level up! (Did you think I was gonna say something else?.. Never!)

So with that said, I am very excited for the new direction and the approach Buttawear will be taking, and can't wait for you guys to check it out! I want to personally thank all (the handful;-) of my Day one's that have been rocking with me to this point. When I blow trust that you will not be forgotten!!

Be on the look out, at a slow and steady pace, for great things to come and please stay tuned...



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