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Relationships and leadership..

As I continue to learn and grow, I'm starting to see common threads and patterns between various relationships. Whether its professional or personal, social or anti, being in a leadership role or part of the team being led. There needs to always be some type of compromise. More times than not, all parties involved are constantly looking for the "whats in it for me" angle. You can't (or shouldn't) have to physically force anyone to do anything against their will, however, there can be no progress if everyone chooses to view circumstances from one single vantage point and none else.

The key is for those to want to do the things asked of them. Ideally striving for a win/win in any partnership should always be the goal. It is definitely the more difficult route but at the same time the one thats most worth it. Still a work in progress, but working none the less.

Heres to striving everyday to be a better leader, man, partner and human in everything I strive to accomplish.



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