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Success can be the enemy

I know at first glance, the above title can be a little off putting. If thought about long enough, however, it may not be as crazy as it sounds. Success can lure one into a comfort zone, slowly rocking to sleep the very drive and hunger that initially enabled success in the first place.

Additionally, a string of too many successes can be equally detrimental. It could lead to a Gran Dios sense of ability or an inflated ego.

When this happens it is important to keep those around you that will keep you grounded, as well as remain as humble as (humanly) possible to avoid getting too "big headed".

I recently watched the Kanye short docu-series on Netflix. It chronicled over 20 years of his career as he climbed from a little known producer to his current super star status. I found it to be very interesting and also resonating. He had an undying passion to achieve his goal, and in the process surpass everyones expectations, outside his mother's and his own; That's dope! However, his ascension was not without controversy. Was this do to too much success? I don't know, could be just the cost of being human. Some people, myself included, find boundaries by trial and error and allow life to be our greatest teacher. Some people say theres a fine line between genius and insanity.

I say, or at least my Mom would say, that none of us came with instructions printed on our diapers on how to navigate this life. All we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worse. I work hard everyday to prepare for the inevitable success that awaits. I just pray when it comes, I am able to successfully navigate the chessboard properly.

Here's to the next level up.



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