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Super Bowl/Super Goals

Every Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to witness a goal realized.

Every success story, or victory isn't without commonalities. Everyone buying in and committing to the overall goal and ultimate vision is key. That is not possible without effective leadership.

One of my super goals is to become a great effective leader. Becoming the boss of Buttawear is equally as important as starting it to begin with. Managing opportunities before they become disaster, thinking ahead and figuring out solutions to problems before anyone actually realize its a problem, and making sure that all parties who've bought in to the vision are set up for success with out fail. Every. Single. Day.

Just like both teams playing today, reaching the Super Bowl is only part of the goal, winning is the ultimate goal. And once that goal is achieved, a new goal is then set, be it another title, correcting errors, etc. Ether way, success is never final. Its just a part of an ongoing fluid process.

This is my daily practice at my day job that pays the bills, my night job which is Buttawear, and in life in general.

Heres to past, present and future successes.



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