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The pursuit of Happiness

In my readings I came across a quote that struck me:

"True happiness consists not in the possession of things, but in the privilege of self-expression through the use of material things. You must have money to enjoy freedom of body and mind."

This quote really speaks to me, because, contrary to popular belief, money does not buy happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. What money affords is the luxury of time. (I explained time being a luxury in a previous post.) The luxury of time to focus on defining and refining all creative interests that drives us forward. Among other factors, affording us happiness.

The single most important thing, as I have learned thus far, is having the proper mind state. Thoughts are things, that lead to action, which lead to reality.

The right mindset will attract the right finances. I honestly used to feel that putting in more work for what one is paid, used to be a fools errand. But now I'm starting to understand the laws of attraction and how having the correct mindset attracts like minded people. Having proper work ethic is contagious and the right positive mindset, makes no task too difficult, no goal unattainable, or challenge insurmountable.

Happiness is a mindset. Money is the byproduct. My goal is to be happy. While money will provide me the privilege to express my happiness through material things, money is not the aim. Happiness is.



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