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Until Death do Us

Starting a New Year is always kind of strange. We all wipe the proverbial slate clean as our earth completes another cycle around the one star that provides one of life's main sources of energy. With resolutions for the future and reflections of the past, under the surface of it all is the realization that "time" continuously marches forward toward our inevitable life cycle... Death.

Now, I do not mean to sound morbid or intend to instill fear and/or worry, I only mean to say that with this New Year, I have come to the realization that in its most simplistic form, there is no life without death. The little things mean so much more when you realize they or us will not be around forever. In an earlier blog I spoke about time being a man made construct. I still believe that, how else to explain its effect on whomever perceives it? It moves slow as molasses when we are children or bored, but hyper-speed when we are adults or having fun! In both cases, time never changed, our attitude towards it did.

So, with that being said, my principle resolution this year, as is every year, is to continuously learn and grow into the best possible (hu)Man to the best of my ability. I know I cannot do that alone, but I also know in order to do that will require a change in my overall attitude towards life itself: To not take it for granted, understand everything happens for a reason and therefore even in the bad times, there is something to be learned from it and most importantly, it is truly a gift!

Heres to 2021.



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