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What do I want to solve for customers?

Last week I concluded what the story of Buttawear is and why I started it. That was the first question in a series of six questions of why I am starting a brand.

The next question is what do I want to solve for customers? This is tough, because at the end of the day, ideally, every business solves a problem for their customers. What do I want to solve? Hmmm.. well, I guess through my story I hope to help others, who can relate and identify with my plight and, through my clothing, will have the confidence and strength to work through the difficult circumstances that life inevitably throws at them.

I am, admittedly, still ironing out details, but that is the short answer.

I want to give people the confidence, strength and the cool, to be exactly what they want to be in this world, in the limited amount of “time” we have.



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