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Who is Robert Glasper?

A quick google search will tell you the following: "Robert Andre Glasper is an American pianist, record producer, songwriter, and musical arranger with a career that bridges several different musical and artistic genres, mostly centered around jazz. To date, Glasper has won four Grammy Awards and received nine nominations across eight categories."

From a practical standpoint, the above statement is certainly true. From someone who has now experienced two of his shows in the recent months, I'd like to add that;

Add one part hip-hop, two parts jazz, with equal parts Neo-Soul and R&B, and a dash of classical, you get the true feel of the Robert Glasper experience. Not only was attending the historic Blue Note lounge in NYC an experience in of itself, but the show takes you immediately from there on a dope vivd journey of brilliant hues and sounds that make you forget all your stresses and even touches on relevant thought provoking topics.. ie the Black Experience.

I found his show to be not just entertaining but almost a full embodiment of what I would like Buttawear to project. The overall vibe is just that: A Vibe.

And that is true genuine music, the feeling it gives you. It transcends anything tangible. Thats my goal for Buttawear. Not just to be a clothing company, but a whole vibe.



PS. (This is one of his timeless classics; He has a new album that dropped this month titled "Black Radio 3", I highly recommend to give a listen! Cheers!)

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